Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Proposal for article on Internet Politics in Australia

Here is a pitch I wrote for a hypothetical article about Mark Latham and internet campaigning, for a "Writing for Readers" course I'm currently attending. It's especially hypothetical because there isn't really a Mark Latham internet campaign at the moment. I gave the pitch to an Age journalist and a lady from the Bulletin, and they both seemed to like it, especially the Bulletin lady. So if there ever is a Mark Latham internet campaign, I'm sure the media will be interested in it. Here's the pitch:

Dear James and Kathy,

I have an interesting pitch for a story you might like to run. It is about a new way of political campaigning using the internet, which has revolutionised political campaigning in the US, which people are trying to bring to Australia to help Mark Latham win the upcoming election. The 3 new parts of this campaign, which to my knowledge have never been tried in Australia, are
(a) the website meetup.com, where regular people can organise over the internet to meet up in real life about topics that interest them
(b) weblogs, or personal news websites where candidates and supporters have unprecedented control to tell their own stories by 'routing around' the traditional media
(c) online donations, whereby candidates can raise large amounts of money (>40 million for Howard Dean in the US primaries), largely by collecting lots of small donations of $100 and under over the internet, rather than relying on the traditional $2000 per head fundraising dinners.

The story could be told in 800-1000 words, and might be a good accompaniment to the many articles on Mark Latham currently being written. It might also be interesting because presents a fresh angle, and deals with the topical issue of the growing influence of the internet changing our everyday lives.

Again for anyone who wasn't reading properly, this is a *hypothetical* article pitch. A grassroots internet campaign supporting mark Latham does not, as far as I know exist (I'm trying to help start one though with lathamforpm.meetup.com)


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