Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The Kestrel

I'd ordered The Kestrel (by Lloyd Alexander) from the US at Readings bookstore, when I went there today it had arrived. Years ago I read this book and loved it, and whilst I couldn't remember the title, bits of the book stuck in my head like superglue. I think, if I was to sum up (and simplify) what I like about the book, I would say: it is morally ambiguous. This may be similar to why I like (and Suelette doesn't so much) Dashiell Hammett. I especially love the dedication:

For those who know that they are only human but who try not to be any less.

That sounds like my philosophy of life.

Other great morally ambiguous books:

The Glass Key

The Maltese Falcon

Red Harvest

(all by Dashiell Hammett)

If you want to find out more about what "The Kestrel" is about, read the Amazon reviews. (OK, I partly did that to show that everybody gave the book 5 stars -- not everybody has heard of the book, but those who've read it seemed to like it)


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